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MAVCO's Hew Improved I nstatl-lt-y ourself System Atukes It Easy! MOdk 9-ld‘D'l^li S ISmrk ihrfrugk ■he- cf-n’icr tii pmfvi i K di Fee Piortk,. Ye Sr you coil enjay caler Fuil, durable MAT I CO Aspfialt Tile Flooring in your home al amoving low cost by installing MATICO yowrseif. Why put up wiih a dingy, worn-out floor when ft costs io little to irrs Tcill 0 MATICO tile floor yourself^ S«ii Y±iir f tb f 141 ft r»'i 4 ph 4 n 4 ^IFif^icry fpf fh* n6-i H* of youf MATt CQ MASTIC THE- CORPORATION OF AMERICA Hciuifen, Tax, * Jniliar, til. Gn Uiisjuaramceir'Ctl Ut Lt Piill- i pouches of eflhoetft for pnh' S-1.00. Houi Mk I w b cpci- irty platfi, kivrdr CWibti'j ilia fl#m ractll^r Buppiy ia 0* d Ur CCl CUrff M KB V0*ls, Ihfit ilpl CCO w JH3-Srt)dflh|g (Biwr 2 POPULAR MECHANICS Popular Mechanics Magazine Atfliitcced In n. In good times and bad times, in every tecimical and Lusinc-ss fields the irainod man is worth a dozen untrained ones, no matter haw gifted. Sl has been help- ing its students to become ri-a/oerf, sttecesafu/ /eaefers^ and it can do the same for yxiu. Don't be like the un* successful genius who wastes "his life in dreaming of w'hat he intends to du.

I The New Contmental—Page 81 Copyrighi0d ryta^sri Bl Learn how homeowners everywhere save money by installing their own MATICO FLOORING 3* — Wilh Ce lrdw«lj Dt Jhf'Siv^ d VAhly bv BT Flgi^r 1 o ■ M-l/' '3'^Pr H^i En1g ITaif can walk on MAT ICO 05 Si Hft Cii IHm P ii in pladv. and sp&dol tool kil, Why, you con Finish a room in ]ust a few hours. Iflauei J t-i mtm HT These ar« tht famous tobticcos which Hnl Lday Its mi Idness and tf you Pfrf F 6 R A BL¥ND OF STRAi OKT BURLEYS hurley.^ in the M ir-lighl pc Ei Kh- pipe tobacco. I Dan.' Iraali Sd h^itiv «nnpirebla 4bb4 rwirflgr ji,nd Iti lilifflflrt Urart Mbfnwf, finr. Nq W) aa in Jaap’s tinier the race dnean^t always EO to the one who po Centlally ts the fw-irie;;The trsinei J man has no troubte in passing the -gemus who hasn't impcuvetl his talents. LAHBCVS □ flnldil'I inj Djtoii Wt C □ T«il U*Ell|V: □ thi [mp □ [edi Pt HNE □ Wbf Ae t Prairp Ito E HAOIp, TELEVISION □ Urtni Enih Hr Ri i Kltfindr ai Elnidlii n S«ua Iwluthii Frtotka J h Mifl TV EA|Vbe U Ftoltoiiail EJi Jiitorat Hid B nd TV Sv Ak Iib tj Ihofl Sbd| k T^u.

\l'e alsojfiw yon con Cdent Lal h-etp with both li’chjtlcal and pcrcunnl |iiiob Lci^eu iliia jn Ulti' bl Jlhuji-tltdlar indi LRlry. r"write y-our own ticket'' fh ts Musdcajit- ing, irmnufnrtlirinirr and other 2]Kie La] ized phaara P TOIfft ACE 15 Ha OBSTACLES L Send for FREE LESSON! 1 RR- df Tstand there lo[ioe 4 rflj Eattfi R,and nosalcsma Rwillw SI- N-Aiti: nm-mjt AV 1 fl ADDREBB errv Stf SE STATE I □ Ch«fl il^ti Fi UKl Q't LV-'’ I ^ Vft Lr ANS' Gi"a lia K' d P dii A^D Ipcidpr J Troinino al Lci Annilph. starting action on your invention, u Se 'Evi- dence df lovention** form offered belowi) Sign, date and have this invenrion disdosu TV wit- nessed by two people cap- able of understanding your inventidn.^ Have u S make a prc Limi- nary search among U* S patents already granted for similar types of invention^ We then prepare a report for you on the probable patentability ot your in- vention and recommend your further course of action.

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